Parenty Adult Diapers Give Seniors Softness in Their Golden Years through Yoga at Senior Living Care

Parenty Adult Diapers Give Seniors Softness in Their Golden Years through Yoga at Senior Living Care

written by : PARENTY - 19 Sep 2023

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Effective health maintenance for the elderly is considered difficult as it requires a wider range of strategies compared to young adults, and may not have a significant risk of iatrogenic disorders from the actions taken. Regular physical activity is one of the most important things that can be done to prevent or delay many of the health problems that arise in the golden years. To support older people to stay active during the day and help with comfort when resting at night, older people can use adult diapers. Recognizing the importance of quality of life for the elderly, Parenty adult diapers with high absorbent core technology are now present to provide comfort in activities and create a comfortable sleep for the elderly. 

Physical activity helps muscles grow stronger so that older people can continue to do daily activities without relying on others. In addition, older people also need quality sleep to prevent age-related cognitive decline and dementia, and play a role in preventing depression. To support these activities, parents can use diapers. Adult diapers are not only used by people with special needs, but are also recommended for the elderly. According to research, as many as 15-20% of the elderly are affected by urinary incontinence. It is a condition of loss of urinary control that causes a person to urinate or defecate without taking into account the accuracy of time and place. The number of patients with this chronic medical condition or those in nursing homes can be as high as 70%. The use of adult diapers will allow them to perform daily activities without worry, maintain hygiene and prevent infection, and do not need to report repeatedly to the toilet, including preventing rashes and bedsores.

 Titi Nurmalasari, PR Manager of MAKUKU said, "One of the health maintenance activities for the elderly is by doing yoga activities. Yoga can provide many benefits for the elderly, such as improving sleep habits, reducing the impact of chronic conditions, and keeping the mind sharp and joints flexible. Therefore, Parenty as an adult diaper that always provides the softness of "Softness of Love" held a Yoga Time event with the hope that parents and the elderly get active health maintenance, so they have a good quality of life in old age."

This month in commemoration of National Sports Day, Parenty together with Senior Living Care held a Yoga Time event on September 6, guided by Community Svastha Yoga and attended by participants from the Go Lansia community at Hermina Tower, Central Jakarta. This activity is a collaboration between Parenty and Senior Living Care to support active activities in the elderly.

 Dr.H.Abidinsyah Siregar, DHSM, M Kes, Health Observer who was also present at the Yoga Time event said, "The elderly community needs attention and care. Efforts to build interaction provide a great opportunity for the elderly community to live smarter, healthier and happier. I personally hope that activities such as Yoga Time can be carried out continuously so as to effectively build interaction between the elderly and the elderly remain productive in their golden years." 

Parenty is an adult diaper created with a lightweight core absorbent material from wood pulp and SAP (Super Absorbent Polymer) so that absorption is faster and does not cause clumps. Parenty is available in 2 types, namely adhesive and pants types to suit the needs of its users. Parenty absorbent material is designed with strong flexibility and has a narrow "V" shaped crotch in accordance with the human body structure. The capacity of Parenty absorbent core of pants type is very large, 600ml with 3-4 times absorption of liquid in one sheet of pants diaper. Similarly, with the tape type, the absorbency of 1 layer of Parenty is 900ml with the power to absorb 6 times the urine liquid (6x 150ml). The tape type of Parenty is also designed with a side core height of 3 cm and a widened tail of 170mm at the back, which effectively prevents leaking. To reduce skin irritation, Parenty is made with a very soft non-woven fabric with a 3D structure on the surface to accelerate the spread and absorption of liquids and keep the skin dry, with a hollow surface (micropores) Parenty also comes with a urine indicator that can help facilitate diaper changes for parents.

PT Lucky Mom Indonesia or MAKUKU Indonesia is a baby diaper brand known for its high absorption technology among Indonesian mothers. Parenty is the latest adult diaper brand from PT Lucky Mom Indonesia which now comes with pants and tape types (sizes M, L, XL) with prices starting from Rp 61,597. Parenty is now more easily available at partner stores throughout Indonesia and online stores on the parentyofficialstore account. (PR)


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